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My little Prayer Problem

Hi guys! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while. Well I’m back now and I want to share something with you.

Sometime ago last year, we were learning about the End Times in my Sunday School class. So basically, we looked at the book of Revelations and Daniel. At the end of the whole course, one of the many things I learnt was that, things will not get any better in the world because it has been prophesied.

So that’s where I had a little prayer problem. I started wondering, ” If we are in the end times and the economic situations of the world will just get worse, then why should i pray for Ghana? I felt it was ‘cos 90’  doing so because God has already planned from way before time that stuff like this will happen. It was actually a dilemma for me, because at the same time I knew the Bible said in Matt. 10:12, that the violent take by force and all that.

So every time a topic of that sort was raised in church, I don’t pray as much as I am supposed to because of my dilemma. To cut a long story short, God found a way to answer my question and now my problem is completely cleared (inserts smiley lol). So I was reading the book of Job, specifically Chapter 5: 19-22. What I felt the Holy Spirit dropped in me is that, there will be famines, calamity, war etc which cannot be avoided. However, you can be exempted because you are a child of the King. So, even though, the economic situation of the world as a whole is collapsing, I can pray that I would be an exception, which will transcend to my family, my friends, my community , then my country as a whole. So there is hope for my country, I just have to pray without ceasing.

Let’s not forsake reading and studying our Bibles cos we can find all the answers we need. Have a wonderful day guys!!








#troski lessons


I think one of the  places I have quite funny and interesting experiences is when I’m in a troski and I’m very sure there a lot of other people who do too. So this morning, as the bus was loading, something interesting yet thought-provoking for me occurred. There was this lady who had to put her extra luggage at the back of the car. So, the driver put the stuff there and she sat comfortably in the bus.

Some minutes later, the driver tells the lady he’ll charge five Ghana cedis for the items. She pleads with him to reduce it to three Ghana cedis because that’s all she has. You know most of these troski drivers too, no patience whatsoever. The option was: Five cedis or get down from the bus.

Some two passengers quickly jump to her aid by pleading with the driver. The driver doesn’t even flinch and sticks to his word that he won’t take less than five cedis. He leaves for a moment whilst the two passengers sympathize with her and assure her they’ll talk to the driver. They do try to plead on her behalf but this time, he just tells the lady that she should get down cos he won’t take three cedis.

I was actually expecting that one of these two passengers will offer to top up so she can stay in the bus but that didn’t happen. The lady got down and life continued as though nothing had happened. Probably, genuinely these two passengers didn’t have two cedis to top up with. I wouldn’t know because I don’t live in their pockets. But this event got me thinking, that man is limited in himself. We can help to an extent but we can’t go all the way. We’ll do what we can and leave the rest for you to figure it out yourself. So putting your trust in man would not be a wise decision.

God however, will not leave you stranded on the way. He’ll never leave you or forsake you. So the best decision will be for us to put our trust in God.


Where are you sowing your seed?

I’ll like to share briefly something I learnt from church yesterday. I always love it when I get a whole different meaning to something in the Bible which I’m so used to. So today’s example, is the Parable of the Sower in Matthew 13; 1-23.

I’ve always understood this parable in relation to the Word of God. In conclusion, some receive the word of God and let it bear fruit whilst others don’t at all or make the pleasures and pressures of life sway them from the Word. So yesterday, my pastor presented it in a different perspective and I’ll like to share it here.

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In the parable, the farmer scattered his seed, Some fell along the path and birds ate them, some fell at rocky places and withered, some fell among thorns which were choked by the thorns and some fell on good soil which produced 100,60 and 30 fold. As we’re living this life on earth, what we are actually doing is scattering our seed on the ground to be able to reap from them either in the short or long run. Even going to school and getting your degree is you sowing a seed. So that after school, you can reap by getting a job etc. Everyday, we have to improve ourselves in all aspects (spiritually, physically, emotionally etc) to maintain a healthy balance. At the end of each day, can we boldly say we’ve learnt or gotten something new to help us live life better?

I’ll like to make this personal so I ask myself where am I sowing the seeds in my life? Is it all in movies, following the latest fashion trends, useless social media rants, gossip, baseless talk, chasing money? I’ll admit that I find myself sort of interested in the things mentioned above but really in the end, what exact return on investment will I get from them? Are they worth it? That’s a question I have to answer for myself. It’s easier said than done so I pray for strength to be able to set my priorities right to please my Father. I’ll end it here with a question for us to ponder on.

At the end of it all, when I’m to calculate my life’s ‘return on investment’ will it be 100%, 60% , 0.005% or nil?


Ephesians 3:20 in a different light

So let’s call this my little testimony. Here it goes…

Yesterday I had to meet someone somewhere for work purposes. I initially thought it was a walking distance but upon further thought, I realized it wasn’t going to be a short walk. But at the same time I wasn’t ready to pick a cab there so here I was, spending about ten minutes thinking about how long the walk will be.

I left the house to go meet the person who was almost at the location. Some few metres away from my house, I remembered that I had left a particular book so i had to return home. Trust me, I was quite mad with myself then cos I already had a long journey to take. I got home, took the book and set off for the second time. When I got to the junction, a car stopped and the driver tells me to get in. I looked at him and saw he was familiar and just got into the car. (I hardly ever take lifts and won’t encourage anyone reading to but I was already running late, the guy looked familiar and I felt it was a right decision I was making. The guy was even surprised I didn’t resist but I couldn’t help it lool).

He alighted me some few metres away from the location. As I was walking down the road, I just remembered Ephesians 3:20 especially the part which says, “more than we can ask or think”. I was thinking about how I’ll have to walk that long distance only for God to do more than I thought by providing someone to shorten the journey for me.

I’m not encouraging anyone to take lifts from people who look familiar. Far from that! My message from this little testimony is that God hears our silent thoughts and does things His own way and at his own time to meet our need. Leaving the book at home, which made me mad with myself, was His way of making things work His own way to meet my ‘walking’ need.

Ephsians 3: 20 has found a deeper meaning in my life now. Thank you Jesus!


Which Plant are You?

One of my morning chores is to water the plants in our compound. I actually enjoy it a lot because we have a lot of flower pots with varying plants. For some plants, I give more water than the rest. Some I hardly even water because they don’t need it. I pay extra attention to the hibiscuses and a few others whose names I don’t know, unfortunately. There’s this particular plant which my mother always tells me not to waste water on, but I still do. She says that because it refuses to grow anymore and the soil seems to be either so clayey or filled with roots that, most of the water I end up pouring on it just trickles down the crack of the pot. I keep on watering it anyway. One day, I realized another plant growing in the middle of it which did surprise me and make me happy at the same time. I was excited because I had almost given up on it, only for me to see this fresh little sprout.

Okay, so what is my point?

I believe God speaks in some unconventional ways and He did so during one of my watering days. We are like the plants with God being the gardener or in my case, the one who waters the plants. He waters us according to our ability as in the case of the Parable of the Talents. Some He waters more than others because He knows exactly what He’s doing. Other people may give up on us because we may not be performing as we’re supposed to for reasons unknown to them. In other words, people may consider us to be useless but the Creator of the Universe still waters us knowing that in due time we will produce that little fresh plant within us. Let us not pay heed to what the world says of us, though it may hurt. Let’s fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of our lives.


I realized some days ago that I had the wrong idea about the Proverbs 31 woman. Truth is, I have never really read that chapter in the Bible. I believe the Holy Spirit prompted me to and  I didn’t actually study it cos I was late for work *please don’t judge me lol*


But my Bible (Amplified Version) made me realize she’s not just a hardworking lady but one who doesn’t take any chances with her relationship with God. I really never took note of the latter part



2 Cor. 9:8 (Amplified Version)

And God is able to make all grace (every favor and earthly blessing) come to you in abundance, so that you may always and under all circumstances and whatever the need be self-sufficient [possessing enough to require no aid or support and furnished in abundance for every good work and charitable donation].

I read this verse whilst having my quiet time yesterday and I’ve been addicted to it since. God is able to make ALL (not some or most) favour and earthly blessing come to me in abundance so that in EVERYTHING (not some things or most things) I will be self sufficient (for every good work). Wow! Just wow!

I mean, as said in my local dialect, “womp3 wei na wop3 de3n?’. What is it that you need in your ministry and walking in His purpose? Strength? Power? Favour? Wisdom? I could go on and on. God has that ability to bring all to you because He wants you to abound in every good work. I believe all we have to do as His children is to ask him because everything belongs to Him. We are self sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency.