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Happy 2nd half of 2017! (I know that’s not a thing but just felt appropriate lol). Somewhere last week on my way to work, I was reading a novel, Half of the Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Adichie. (If you get your hands on it, please read because it’s amazing). I was sitting in a troski (commercial bus) by this elderly man. He looks at me whilst I’m reading and goes like “You know it’s not advisable to read in a commercial car, right?”

I ask him why and this is his answer. “When someone sees you reading in the open like that, they can easily put witchcraft to the book which transfers to you. So it will be better if you read in your private car”. Internally, this is my reaction,


But I’m not in the mood to continue with the conversation, so I tell him “Thanks but Psalm 91” and bury my head back in my book. (Coincidentally, that was my quiet time scripture that morning). I honestly didn’t care if he understood my answer or not. I couldn’t even concentrate on my book anymore because I was legit in shock and surprise. Now these are the issues I will like to address concerning his comment.

A lot of us are living in fear especially Christians ironically, without even realizing. So I started wondering, according to his assertion, a witch will rather attack a person reading than someone staring into space in the commercial bus? Really? We tend to tie ourselves to certain beliefs out of fear. The Bible tells us He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4) but we just recite that without even believing it. We’ll rather coil in fear so we are not noticed to be attacked. But think about it, is that the life we are called to live?

It also brought my mind to why some of us are not progressing in life (sorry to be harsh). You see someone doing something different from the status quo and we don’t get it. If I was listening to music sitting by him, he definitely would not have commented. But the fact that I was reading a book which is not really a common occurrence in the bus he just had to comment. It made me realize that we keep on limiting ourselves for fear of what people will say. We have not been called to follow the crowd. Psalm 8:5 says he has made us a little lower than the angels, so I believe we are made to soar higher than we are made to believe. Following the crowd makes you settle for what you think is normal, hence no growth in our lives.

Please let’s remember to do the best we can to eliminate fear from our lives. It’s not easy especially when it has become a habit but it is possible because we’re victors in Christ Jesus and we have the Holy Spirit to help us.

“The person who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The person who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever seen before.”  
― Albert Einstein

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I’ll like to render my apologies for my somewhat hibernation. I’m happy to be back now and I’ll try not to go away next time. I’m very grateful to God for my 24th birthday as well as the peaceful elections in my country, Ghana.

I was trying to find the perfect title for my post today but I ended up settling with Untitled because I was actually blank lol. So today I want to share something which I’ve had with me for over two weeks. It’s from 1 Samuel 16:14-21. I’m pretty sure most of us are familiar with this story so let me attempt a summary. The passage talks about when Saul needed someone to play the harp for him to rid him of the evil spirit tormenting him. One of his young men recommended David. Saul took a great liking to David and even made him his armour bearer.

Upon reading this for the umpteenth time in my life, something struck me and that’s what I want to share. First of all, let me give us all a quick tip: When reading the Bible, in order to get the whole picture, it is advisable to read the preceding verses and even sometimes the latter. Words like ‘therefore’, ‘so’, etc carry a lot of weight so the verses before help you to grasp the picture.

Okay so back to my topic: let’s look at v.13. Can you see the power of the Holy Spirit? I mean, it’s no coincidence the trajectory of David’s life after he was anointed with the Spirit. This takes my mind to Luke 1:35 and Acts 1:8 which also talk about the power of the Holy Spirit. He (please the Holy Spirit is not an’it’) comes into your life and you just cannot live an ordinary life. Think about this, a whole Jesus Christ living in you and you end up being just average?

Again, take a look at the v.18. King Saul just asks for someone who can play the harp well. The person can be tall, dark, short, blind or whatever, all he needs is a pro in harpology ( I invented the word myself lol). But just see the attributes that were added to David. This totally brings my mind to my favourite Bible verse 2 Cor. 9:8 ( I’ve talked about it in an earlier post). Reiterating my point, how can you be in Christ and be average, when He’s able to make all grace come to you in abundance? Let me blow your mind even more with v 21. David was promoted from a harp player to an armour bearer! This is where I drop my mic and exit. Goodness!

This is the power of Christ in us! You and I cannot be average. In these recent times where everyone wants to bring others down, you just cannot be ordinary. Status, age, educational background, body type and all the others cannot tie you down. Realize that you are a masterpiece because the power of the Holy Spirit is in you. Let me end this with one of my favourite lyrics from Beckah Shae in her song Supernova.

Outshining galaxies like a supernova!




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I’m back again after my little hiatus. Don’t worry, this time I’ll stick here for a while so stop sulking…SMILE!

Okay so for about three days now, I’ve had a verse flashing in my mind. The first time I heard of this Bible verse was about 11 years ago (wooahhh! longer than I thought). It was one of those verses you had to memorize in Sunday School. But for some funny reason, after all those years the impact finally hit me three days ago. I was reading a book by Ebo Whyte called The Deal (yes, I’m giving credits here. Tell him I’m a fan please,if you know him personally) and the verse was quoted again. Today, I was listening to a podcast and bam! it was quoted as well. So here’s the verse,

philipiansThe podcast was emphasizing on the fact that we should make a conscious effort to think of what we’re thinking about. If we think about things which are true, noble, right, pure,lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy then we’ll spare ourselves all this unnecessary worry and stress. Yes, the economy is bad, you’re broke, work is difficult, school is crazy, you need a new laptop (that’s my situation lol), you are stressed, life is not easy, *confusion ay3 basaa* plus all the other daily anthems but then if worry could have solved these, trust me they would have been dealt with long ago. So why don’t we rather turn our worry list into our prayer list and put our thoughts on the things stated in the verse. Say a big no to negative vibes and embrace positivity. Probably, that will even lead to you developing a million dollar idea. It’s really not going to  easy looking at circumstances around us but hey discipline was never meant to be easy.

So today, if you realise your thoughts are heading towards worry, just quickly shake it off, say a small prayer to the Father and remember Philippians 4:18.

Have a lovely day!

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It’s all about me!

Hello everyone! I’m back again with my stories which I know you enjoy reading. Today I want to just talk a bit about what I’ll like to call the “me” factor. We live in a world where we are much more concerned with ourselves and what makes us happy. I’m the number one victim of this. You hear people go like ‘do what makes you happy and forget about what others think’.  I mean, that statement has some truth to it I think, but is it a valid statement? More and more we’re becoming more selfish without realizing because we just want to meet our own needs after all, ‘it’s my life, I live it how I want to, right?’

Last Sunday, we treated the topic of discipleship during our Sunday School Session and we looked at 1  Corinthians 8:9 (my favourite memory verse coincidentally is 2 Corinthians 9:8, you should check it out) which says ‘Only be careful that this liberty of yours [this power to choose] does not somehow become a stumbling block [that is, a temptation to sin] to the weak [in conscience]  (Amplified Version). You could read the whole chapter to get a better idea of what Paul meant.

I mean, that is just to tell us that it’s really not all about you or me. Yes I have the liberty to do what I want but then it should not cause someone to want to sin. Wow! So an interesting example was given that, it is not wrong in itself for a Christian to work in an alcohol producing company. However, he working there might cause a ‘weaker’ Christian to think that it’s therefore alright to drink and get drunk and he may also introduce another ‘weaker’ Christian which may cause results which would be a sin. After the example, I thought, ‘Ah well that’s not my problem. I didn’t tell him to go and start drinking alcohol, I’m just trying to put money in my pocket and help my family. So if he thinks that way it’s his fault for and his problem, not mine’.

And I realised that’s exactly the ‘me’ factor showing its colours. We always do things forgetting that we’re supposed to be Christ’s examples on earth. Jesus Christ didn’t think about just himself, else He would have just told God to find a replacement asap because He can’t die to save people who were not even aware of what He was doing. I’m so not there yet but with the help of the Holy Spirit, I hope I’ll let go of the ‘me’ factor and you should too.

Have a lovely day!

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My little Prayer Problem

Hi guys! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while. Well I’m back now and I want to share something with you.

Sometime ago last year, we were learning about the End Times in my Sunday School class. So basically, we looked at the book of Revelations and Daniel. At the end of the whole course, one of the many things I learnt was that, things will not get any better in the world because it has been prophesied.

So that’s where I had a little prayer problem. I started wondering, ” If we are in the end times and the economic situations of the world will just get worse, then why should i pray for Ghana? I felt it was ‘cos 90’  doing so because God has already planned from way before time that stuff like this will happen. It was actually a dilemma for me, because at the same time I knew the Bible said in Matt. 10:12, that the violent take by force and all that.

So every time a topic of that sort was raised in church, I don’t pray as much as I am supposed to because of my dilemma. To cut a long story short, God found a way to answer my question and now my problem is completely cleared (inserts smiley lol). So I was reading the book of Job, specifically Chapter 5: 19-22. What I felt the Holy Spirit dropped in me is that, there will be famines, calamity, war etc which cannot be avoided. However, you can be exempted because you are a child of the King. So, even though, the economic situation of the world as a whole is collapsing, I can pray that I would be an exception, which will transcend to my family, my friends, my community , then my country as a whole. So there is hope for my country, I just have to pray without ceasing.

Let’s not forsake reading and studying our Bibles cos we can find all the answers we need. Have a wonderful day guys!!







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So I ask myself sometimes.


Why do bad things happen we don’t deserve happen to us? Why do people have to die such gruesome deaths? Why do little innocent children have to be defiled? Why do loved ones have to go through certain hardships. In fact, why evils? I really don’t have the answers cos truthfully, it’s hard to understand but then I just stick to what my Bible says in Psalm 119;68 which tells me God is good and all He does is good. That’s where I can find some comfort.