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My little Prayer Problem

Hi guys! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while. Well I’m back now and I want to share something with you.

Sometime ago last year, we were learning about the End Times in my Sunday School class. So basically, we looked at the book of Revelations and Daniel. At the end of the whole course, one of the many things I learnt was that, things will not get any better in the world because it has been prophesied.

So that’s where I had a little prayer problem. I started wondering, ” If we are in the end times and the economic situations of the world will just get worse, then why should i pray for Ghana? I felt it was ‘cos 90’ ┬ádoing so because God has already planned from way before time that stuff like this will happen. It was actually a dilemma for me, because at the same time I knew the Bible said in Matt. 10:12, that the violent take by force and all that.

So every time a topic of that sort was raised in church, I don’t pray as much as I am supposed to because of my dilemma. To cut a long story short, God found a way to answer my question and now my problem is completely cleared (inserts smiley lol). So I was reading the book of Job, specifically Chapter 5: 19-22. What I felt the Holy Spirit dropped in me is that, there will be famines, calamity, war etc which cannot be avoided. However, you can be exempted because you are a child of the King. So, even though, the economic situation of the world as a whole is collapsing, I can pray that I would be an exception, which will transcend to my family, my friends, my community , then my country as a whole. So there is hope for my country, I just have to pray without ceasing.

Let’s not forsake reading and studying our Bibles cos we can find all the answers we need. Have a wonderful day guys!!







God, hope, thoughts


So I ask myself sometimes.


Why do bad things happen we don’t deserve happen to us? Why do people have to die such gruesome deaths? Why do little innocent children have to be defiled? Why do loved ones have to go through certain hardships. In fact, why evils? I really don’t have the answers cos truthfully, it’s hard to understand but then I just stick to what my Bible says in Psalm 119;68 which tells me God is good and all He does is good. That’s where I can find some comfort.