I’ll like to render my apologies for my somewhat hibernation. I’m happy to be back now and I’ll try not to go away next time. I’m very grateful to God for my 24th birthday as well as the peaceful elections in my country, Ghana.

I was trying to find the perfect title for my post today but I ended up settling with Untitled because I was actually blank lol. So today I want to share something which I’ve had with me for over two weeks. It’s from 1 Samuel 16:14-21. I’m pretty sure most of us are familiar with this story so let me attempt a summary. The passage talks about when Saul needed someone to play the harp for him to rid him of the evil spirit tormenting him. One of his young men recommended David. Saul took a great liking to David and even made him his armour bearer.

Upon reading this for the umpteenth time in my life, something struck me and that’s what I want to share. First of all, let me give us all a quick tip: When reading the Bible, in order to get the whole picture, it is advisable to read the preceding verses and even sometimes the latter. Words like ‘therefore’, ‘so’, etc carry a lot of weight so the verses before help you to grasp the picture.

Okay so back to my topic: let’s look at v.13. Can you see the power of the Holy Spirit? I mean, it’s no coincidence the trajectory of David’s life after he was anointed with the Spirit. This takes my mind to Luke 1:35 and Acts 1:8 which also talk about the power of the Holy Spirit. He (please the Holy Spirit is not an’it’) comes into your life and you just cannot live an ordinary life. Think about this, a whole Jesus Christ living in you and you end up being just average?

Again, take a look at the v.18. King Saul just asks for someone who can play the harp well. The person can be tall, dark, short, blind or whatever, all he needs is a pro in harpology ( I invented the word myself lol). But just see the attributes that were added to David. This totally brings my mind to my favourite Bible verse 2 Cor. 9:8 ( I’ve talked about it in an earlier post). Reiterating my point, how can you be in Christ and be average, when He’s able to make all grace come to you in abundance? Let me blow your mind even more with v 21. David was promoted from a harp player to an armour bearer! This is where I drop my mic and exit. Goodness!

This is the power of Christ in us! You and I cannot be average. In these recent times where everyone wants to bring others down, you just cannot be ordinary. Status, age, educational background, body type and all the others cannot tie you down. Realize that you are a masterpiece because the power of the Holy Spirit is in you. Let me end this with one of my favourite lyrics from Beckah Shae in her song Supernova.

Outshining galaxies like a supernova!





Some days ago, my Youth Pastor called me saying he wanted me to share a bit of my life and experiences (basically education, my Christian walk and work life so far) at our usual Sunday youth service. I was a bit nervous about it because I felt I had nothing extraordinary to share. Apart from that too, I’m quite secretive by nature so opening up about my life especially in public is not an easy feat. I didn’t decline the offer though, because lately I’ve told myself I’ll grasp any leadership opportunity.

Interestingly enough, before I got the call, I was thinking about the fact that it’s always been a dream of mine to be a role model and a mentor to young ones. So, the call from my Pastor I knew, was God doing his own thing with respect to my desire. I quickly started remembering my past and stuff I’ve gone through with respect to the topics stated initially.

I didn’t prepare so much for the Sunday but I just made sure I had everything in my head so I could roll it all out. I was still nervous about it because I felt I had nothing to talk about but I prayed that God take absolute control over whatever I will go and share. So the day came and I was called to the pulpit. I don’t even talk much but after, a friend told me he had recorded and I spoke for 40 minutes! Here I was thinking I had no extraordinary story but then as I was speaking I noticed that I actually do have one.(if you want details from what I shared, come find me lol).

After my plenty talk, two people approached me to tell me my story was very encouraging and they totally enjoyed what I shared. I was so humbled and I realized that everyone has a story. As long as you call yourself a child of God, you do have something to share. Yes, we all don’t have the same life. Yes, some are way more dramatic and seemingly interesting than others but then for all of us, I believe we have something to share about God’s goodness and grace. So if you get the opportunity to share, just avail yourself and God will do the rest. If you have a story you want to share (anonymously or not), you can email me @ melissawallace525@gmail.com

Have a blissful day guys!

PS. This lovely song just came to mind. Storyteller by Morgan Harper Nichols