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I’m back again after my little hiatus. Don’t worry, this time I’ll stick here for a while so stop sulking…SMILE!

Okay so for about three days now, I’ve had a verse flashing in my mind. The first time I heard of this Bible verse was about 11 years ago (wooahhh! longer than I thought). It was one of those verses you had to memorize in Sunday School. But for some funny reason, after all those years the impact finally hit me three days ago. I was reading a book by Ebo Whyte called The Deal (yes, I’m giving credits here. Tell him I’m a fan please,if you know him personally) and the verse was quoted again. Today, I was listening to a podcast and bam! it was quoted as well. So here’s the verse,

philipiansThe podcast was emphasizing on the fact that we should make a conscious effort to think of what we’re thinking about. If we think about things which are true, noble, right, pure,lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy then we’ll spare ourselves all this unnecessary worry and stress. Yes, the economy is bad, you’re broke, work is difficult, school is crazy, you need a new laptop (that’s my situation lol), you are stressed, life is not easy, *confusion ay3 basaa* plus all the other daily anthems but then if worry could have solved these, trust me they would have been dealt with long ago. So why don’t we rather turn our worry list into our prayer list and put our thoughts on the things stated in the verse. Say a big no to negative vibes and embrace positivity. Probably, that will even lead to you developing a million dollar idea. It’s really not going to  easy looking at circumstances around us but hey discipline was never meant to be easy.

So today, if you realise your thoughts are heading towards worry, just quickly shake it off, say a small prayer to the Father and remember Philippians 4:18.

Have a lovely day!


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