Where are you sowing your seed?

I’ll like to share briefly something I learnt from church yesterday. I always love it when I get a whole different meaning to something in the Bible which I’m so used to. So today’s example, is the Parable of the Sower in Matthew 13; 1-23.

I’ve always understood this parable in relation to the Word of God. In conclusion, some receive the word of God and let it bear fruit whilst others don’t at all or make the pleasures and pressures of life sway them from the Word. So yesterday, my pastor presented it in a different perspective and I’ll like to share it here.

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In the parable, the farmer scattered his seed, Some fell along the path and birds ate them, some fell at rocky places and withered, some fell among thorns which were choked by the thorns and some fell on good soil which produced 100,60 and 30 fold. As we’re living this life on earth, what we are actually doing is scattering our seed on the ground to be able to reap from them either in the short or long run. Even going to school and getting your degree is you sowing a seed. So that after school, you can reap by getting a job etc. Everyday, we have to improve ourselves in all aspects (spiritually, physically, emotionally etc) to maintain a healthy balance. At the end of each day, can we boldly say we’ve learnt or gotten something new to help us live life better?

I’ll like to make this personal so I ask myself where am I sowing the seeds in my life? Is it all in movies, following the latest fashion trends, useless social media rants, gossip, baseless talk, chasing money? I’ll admit that I find myself sort of interested in the things mentioned above but really in the end, what exact return on investment will I get from them? Are they worth it? That’s a question I have to answer for myself. It’s easier said than done so I pray for strength to be able to set my priorities right to please my Father. I’ll end it here with a question for us to ponder on.

At the end of it all, when I’m to calculate my life’s ‘return on investment’ will it be 100%, 60% , 0.005% or nil?


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