#troski lessons


I think one of the  places I have quite funny and interesting experiences is when I’m in a troski and I’m very sure there a lot of other people who do too. So this morning, as the bus was loading, something interesting yet thought-provoking for me occurred. There was this lady who had to put her extra luggage at the back of the car. So, the driver put the stuff there and she sat comfortably in the bus.

Some minutes later, the driver tells the lady he’ll charge five Ghana cedis for the items. She pleads with him to reduce it to three Ghana cedis because that’s all she has. You know most of these troski drivers too, no patience whatsoever. The option was: Five cedis or get down from the bus.

Some two passengers quickly jump to her aid by pleading with the driver. The driver doesn’t even flinch and sticks to his word that he won’t take less than five cedis. He leaves for a moment whilst the two passengers sympathize with her and assure her they’ll talk to the driver. They do try to plead on her behalf but this time, he just tells the lady that she should get down cos he won’t take three cedis.

I was actually expecting that one of these two passengers will offer to top up so she can stay in the bus but that didn’t happen. The lady got down and life continued as though nothing had happened. Probably, genuinely these two passengers didn’t have two cedis to top up with. I wouldn’t know because I don’t live in their pockets. But this event got me thinking, that man is limited in himself. We can help to an extent but we can’t go all the way. We’ll do what we can and leave the rest for you to figure it out yourself. So putting your trust in man would not be a wise decision.

God however, will not leave you stranded on the way. He’ll never leave you or forsake you. So the best decision will be for us to put our trust in God.


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