Ephesians 3:20 in a different light

So let’s call this my little testimony. Here it goes…

Yesterday I had to meet someone somewhere for work purposes. I initially thought it was a walking distance but upon further thought, I realized it wasn’t going to be a short walk. But at the same time I wasn’t ready to pick a cab there so here I was, spending about ten minutes thinking about how long the walk will be.

I left the house to go meet the person who was almost at the location. Some few metres away from my house, I remembered that I had left a particular book so i had to return home. Trust me, I was quite mad with myself then cos I already had a long journey to take. I got home, took the book and set off for the second time. When I got to the junction, a car stopped and the driver tells me to get in. I looked at him and saw he was familiar and just got into the car. (I hardly ever take lifts and won’t encourage anyone reading to but I was already running late, the guy looked familiar and I felt it was a right decision I was making. The guy was even surprised I didn’t resist but I couldn’t help it lool).

He alighted me some few metres away from the location. As I was walking down the road, I just remembered Ephesians 3:20 especially the part which says, “more than we can ask or think”. I was thinking about how I’ll have to walk that long distance only for God to do more than I thought by providing someone to shorten the journey for me.

I’m not encouraging anyone to take lifts from people who look familiar. Far from that! My message from this little testimony is that God hears our silent thoughts and does things His own way and at his own time to meet our need. Leaving the book at home, which made me mad with myself, was His way of making things work His own way to meet my ‘walking’ need.

Ephsians 3: 20 has found a deeper meaning in my life now. Thank you Jesus!


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