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I have something to share with you guys today. Sometime ago, I had an inner prompting that I should take a character in the Bible, specifically female and read about her. At that time, I had drawn a bit away from God for no reason. So I was thinking about who I should pick. The only names that came to mind were Mary Magdalene and Rahab for some funny reason.

All of a sudden, the name Deborah came to mind and I believe it was the Holy Spirit. So I decide to quickly find on the internet the Scriptures which talk about her. I do so and I stumble on this piece on her which I decide to read. I start and I don’t find it speaking to me cos it started by saying Deborah was the Margaret Thatcher ( Iron Lady) of the Bible. I however, decide to go on reading.

All of a sudden, I freeze and before I know it tears start running down my eyes. I saw something which spoke to my heart so directly. Deborah means HONEYBEE! And guess what? Melissa means HONEYBEE as well! At that point I felt like God had led me that whole time and I was so amazed at how He speaks to us in different ways.

I just want to encourage someone this morning. God hears your prayers!


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