God, hope, thoughts


So I ask myself sometimes.


Why do bad things happen we don’t deserve happen to us? Why do people have to die such gruesome deaths? Why do little innocent children have to be defiled? Why do loved ones have to go through certain hardships. In fact, why evils? I really don’t have the answers cos truthfully, it’s hard to understand but then I just stick to what my Bible says in Psalm 119;68 which tells me God is good and all He does is good. That’s where I can find some comfort.


2 thoughts on “MUSINGS”

  1. These are important questions and you are right, God is good. God is so good He allows us to choose but not all choices are good.
    There is evil in the world, and there is evil in the hearts and minds of people. The good news is that God can transform us by changing the way we think but we have to allow Him to do this.
    Keep looking to God and His Word for answers, you are in the right place!
    Thanks for writing!


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