Going to school, graduating from University with a good class, getting a high-paying job, getting married, having kids. That sounds like the ideal successful life, doesn’t it? But then, what happens in between these stages? I believe that is really what matters most, that is, the journey to the end.

God created us all for a purpose and just as we have the head, neck, legs and all other parts serving different purposes, the end is to make the human body complete. You cannot live this life walking in another’s steps because probably you are supposed to act as a ‘leg’ but you’re rather trying to be an ‘eye’ just because you don’t know you have a distinct purpose. You therefore realise that no matter how hard you try you cannot be an effective ‘eye’ because that is not who you are supposed to be. We should all aim for the best in life but not lose focus of the fact that when we walk in God’s purpose, we will definitely live life with a difference. If you know you are supposed to be an ‘ear’, you won’t waste your life trying to be a ‘mouth’ because society demands that of you. I’m tempted to believe that, as such, just because you’re not in a high-paying job does not mean you have failed in life. As long as you are living out God’s purpose, having that shop by the side of the road is probably where God wants you to be and I believe there is no way you will not succeed in that (if I should say) little as you might see it to be. I strongly believe that it is not the will of God for His children to live in poverty according to Philippians 4:19. Whether in the short run or the long run, you will definitely reap.

So my message here is do strive for the best but make sure it is according to His will. I mean let’s consider this, if a successful life was all there was to life then let’s begin with the celebrities. Think about it, they have the ideal life. Fame, Money, and all that follows but then after it all, most of them say they feel empty and there is something missing. Let us not run after the good life without first making Jesus Christ the centre of our lives.. The Bible states clearly, in Matthew 6:33, Seek first his kingdom and righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Finally, (Matthew 16:26a) What shall it profit a man who gains the whole world yet loses his soul?


‘A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there’.

This is one of my favourite sayings.

Living in your comfort zone is one the safest places you can find yourself. I mean, just think about it, no stress, no risk, no anxiety, no fear, no pain, just plain comfort.

But then, that is the problem.

Life cannot be lived without taking risks and bold steps into the unknown. These all add up to bring out the adventure in life. I saw a picture once which totally describes what I mean here. It was a Venn Diagram, with two separate circles in it. One big, the other small. The small one was named Comfort Zone, and the bigger, Where the Magic Happens. The point being, magic happens outside your comfort zone. You just cannot be satisfied in that zone because life has way more to offer than what meets the eye.

Even Jesus Christ, did not stay in His comfort zone of Heaven but decided to come to this wicked earth to save us and this was where the magic happened. Sometimes, what prevents us from stepping out of our comfort zone is basically fear.

Enough of the dreaming, it’s time we take a bold step and pursue what we want. Stop dilly-dallying in your comfort zone. The future will always be unknown so why don’t you just follow your dream and make it a reality?


A friend told me a funny story once. She works on the third floor of a building and was just looking down through the window one time at work. At that moment, she noticed a woman in a corner of the street. The woman stood there for a while, looked left, right and behind. Then, she quickly bent down to urinate in that ‘unauthorized’ corner. She then got up, straightened her attire and continued on her journey. I’m sure she felt good knowing that nobody had spotted her, oblivious to the fact that someone peering from above had seen everything she had done.

When she told me initially I laughed but then it got me thinking and I realized it’s human nature. We really forget God watches us from above but all we are concerned with is whether the people around us see what we do. As long as we do it in secret with no one finding out we feel safe. But then we should always remember that God sees every single thing we do in secret and nothing can be hidden from his sight.

So the next time you’re thinking of doing something bad, remember that God is watching from a distance.



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