I had to be in Accra and was running a bit late so I rushed to sit in a bus ( actually troski ). I was the 3rd person to board this ‘207’ bus as it is normally called. The bus wasn’t getting full and I was getting very impatient. After about 10 mins, only one person joined us. I actually contemplated going to another station but I still sat in the bus tapping my feet and mumbling virtually nothing.
Right at that moment, I realized I could pray about it instead of worrying. So I began praying and about five people came on board. I was so amazed and stopped praying. I asked myself, ‘Why have you stopped praying? Is it because you’ve seen some result? What makes you think some result means the full result? ‘. Another thing I realized is when I had stopped praying, the five people remained as such with no addition. So, I continued praying and when I did others came to join gradually. Before I knew it, the bus was full.
What is my message here? There are times in our lives when we pray for certain stuff to happen in our lives. As we pray, we see signs of the result ( not the full result ) and relax. We feel as long as the signs have manifested, the result is also on it’s way. Our prayers therefore take a little break and we forget that until the result manifests we should not cease praying.
Let us never cease praying until something happens and even after that ‘something’ happens, remembering 1 Thessalonians 5:17.
In conclusion, P.U.S.H.!!


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