On one of those mornings as I was brushing my teeth, I thought, “Why do I brush my teeth?”. Then I realized, I brush my teeth just because I have to, so it’s just more of a habit. I mean, I’m never excited to brush my teeth (never!) but I just have to.
So again I thought,” Why do I go to church? ,Why do I have my quiet time?, Why do I go for meetings? ” Is it because I’ll feel bad if someone asked me why I missed? Or is it because I’ve done it over and over again so much that it has become a ritual? Or is it because I actually look forward to them and get excited when I’m about having my quiet time or going to church?
Then it rang in my head “MY CHRISTIANITY HAD BECOME STALE”. Sigh!  I had lost the true meaning of my relationship with God. With God everyday is supposed to be a new experience but that’s not the case.
Ah well! It’s not late. At least I thank God I realised it at this point. Guys, let things of God tickle our insides!


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