Okay so I tried my luck on making a bucket list. I was so excited when putting them together…lol.
Here it goes…
1. To go for holidays at Maldives and the Palm Islands (lie on the beach, admiring six packs, sipping fancy cocktail )
2. To visit the fanciest hotels in every continent.
3. To ride a hot air balloon.
4. To fire a pistol ( I think I watch too many action movies)
5. To go to Jerusalem ( just to walk the streets Jesus walked)
6. To own a Bichon Havanais or a Daschund ( for real I dunno how this one repped. I saw pictures of them and they looked cute to own)
7. To solve the Rubik’s cube ( I’m a nerd like that idc idc)
Sorry but my mind has gone blank. More additions later on.Thanks for your time *curtsies*


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